Keep the Light On

A magical video collaboration with a great crew that I directed, produced, edited and did the vfx for.






A wonderful collaboration with Ariana Saraha & Flight Behaviour that I shot, directed, produced, edited and did the vfx for.

Music Video Projects


A collaboration with Marya Stark, Shelby Parks, and a wonderful crew.




A collaboration with Marya Stark.





A collaboration with Marya Stark.




A beautiful video I shot 2nd Camera on in 2013. Also a collaboration with Marya Stark.




Motion Graphic Lyric Music Videos


A live music set from the incredible artist, Poranguí that I created motion graphics for. Made as part of an ongoing fundraiser for "The Psychedelic Therapist", a documentary film from director Ian Stout about MDMA-assisted therapy and the treatment of those suffering from PTSD. Donations can be made by going to

SAPPHIRE: A Visual Journey of Song

A 60 minute compilation of videos for each song on Marya Stark's SAPPHIRE album. Intended as a visual journey through the album that I edited and animated featuring the STARGAZER music video as the second song on the journey.

SAPPHIRE Album Lyric Videos

All 9 of the individual Lyric videos created for Marya Stark's 10 song album, SAPPHIRE  that I edited and animated.

Return to Center Lyric Videos

A collaboration of 3 videos with Emily Lewis from her Return to Center EP.

Raining Fire, Melting, & Spinning Around

Shelter of the Wood Music Video

A motion graphic music video I created in collaboration with Ariana Saraha & Flight Behavior.

Commercials and Promotional

Uptown Cheapskate

A national franchise set of commercials.



Promotional Videos

Video projects for clients.

Documentary Projects

Out of the Silence

A documentary series about sound and healing. For more info visit


A short project documenting the Scarlet Crow Remembrance Tour in 2015.

COnnect & Collaborate

Contact me for a consultation to collaborate on a video or film project.