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Tessa Shields

Hello! I'm Tessa Shields. I have a B.F.A. in Film Production and an Art Minor from Chapman University. I have lived and worked in Utah and California, but currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah as a freelance filmmaker, photographer, and artist.

artist, filmmaker, & photographer

I have always had a passion for nature exploring the beauty of life on our planet through adventure, observation, and reflection. I have begun to understand myself as a woman and human being connected to the cycles of nature and all living things. The beauty and insight I continually experience inspires me to create art to empower, educate, and illuminate through photography, documentary and narrative film, as well as digital art, painting, weaving, and many other mediums.

I also facilitate workshops and gatherings with a focus on Women's Rites of Passage to reconnect to our own inner wisdom and honoring of our cycles and connection to nature.

art & design

graphic design, digital art, painting, weaving, & crafting

I create custom graphics for print, web, and multimedia projects and art in many mediums.


music videos, short, documentary & commercial production

I write, shoot, direct, produce, and edit documentary, narrative, short and commercial projects.


maternity, portraits, nature, macro, landscape, & magical realismĀ 

I create unique photos to connect and empower people with the beauty of nature.

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