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Film Production

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Art Work

Tessa provides various services as a freelance filmmaker, graphic designer and visual artist.


As a filmmaker she wears many different hats from pre-production to post. She owns and operates her own film equipment and edits on a Final Cut Pro system. She also creates motion graphics.


As a designer she works with Adobe CS software.


As an artist she creates digital images and paintings. She paints mainly in acrylic and works in various other mediums such as watercolor, pastels, charcoal and ink. She also knits, silk screens, and prints designs on clothing.

Film Services




Tessa provides professional film production services as a freelance producer, director, production manager, videographer, and editor. She provides services for documentary, commercial, promotional, music video, and narrative film projects. She also provides post- production services, motion graphics and design services.  As a videographer and editor she charges daily and hourly rates (see tab) for simple projects or a flat rate for larger projects with well-defined deadlines and content needs. Other work is contracted on an individual project basis. For inquiries, quotes, or questions please contact her.

Tessa owns and operates a Panasonic HVX 200 HD Camera, Shotgun Mic with Boom,  Fluid Head Tripod, and Arri Light Kit. She edits on a Final Cut Pro system.

*All directing, producing, and production managing work

  is contracted on a per project basis.


Filming with Video Equipment:

                                                 Full Day Rate             $500

                                                Half Day Rate             $250

Camera Operator:

                                                  Day Rate                   $200


Editing Rates are:

                                                  Hourly Rate               $40


Flat rates for filming and editing are negotiable for larger projects with well-defined deadlines and content needs. Please contact for quotes.


Fuel, Rooted in Peace, Tonga:The Last Place on Earth, Growing Green, Lysistrata Unleashed



Uptown Cheapskate Commercial, Xtreme Tourist, Smart Living, On The Verge



Mama Crow Video Campaign, UBI Purple Cow, Meet the Squeegees, Nifty After Fifty, Jonah Kai Benefit, Recycled with Love, Max the Crystal Skull



Scott Addis Risk Architect Training, Sex Passion and Enlightenment Seminar


Music Video:

"Crossroads" Marya Stark, "Monsters and Demons" Mama Crow


Live Performance:

Marya Stark, Mama Crow, New World Ape, The Squeegees, Christine Suits



Night Terrors, Bridging Time, The Best Ukulele Player, Bewitched




Design Services



Tessa offers design services for logos, fliers, CDs art, web sites, signs, ect. She works with Adobe CS software specifically Photoshop and Illustrator. Working online, she can provide graphics to clients everywhere.

Tessa charges a rate of $40/hour for graphic design work. Flat project rates can also be negotiated. Please contact for quotes and further inquiries.


Special Requests

Info and Pricing for Retailers

Tessa primarily creates digital artwork in photoshop. She paints in acrylic and works in various other mediums such as watercolor, pastels, charcoal and ink. She also knits and creates clothing with printed and silk-screened designs. She is available for commissioned work.


Her artwork is available to view in the gallery and to purchase through the online store. She also offers retailers and business owners wholesale pricing and consignment opportunities.


Please contact for licensing rights of original images.

For any specific requests for prints, clothing, knitted items or commissioned work please contact.


Canvass prints, paper prints, stickers, postcards, t-shirts and clothing are available for retailers at a wholesale rate or with a  consignment contract. Please browse the art work and online store for items and contact for a wholesale pricing sheet.