Tessa Shields

Hello! I'm Tessa Shields. I have a B.F.A. in Film Production and an Art Minor from Chapman University. I have lived and worked in Utah and California, but currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah as a freelance photographer, filmmaker, and artist.

mother nature photography

Born out of a passion for nature, portraits, women's work, and rites of passage. I combine beautiful portraits with elements of nature to create unique maternity photos.

artist, filmmaker, & photographer

I have always had a passion for nature. This deep love has allowed me to explore the beauty of our planet through adventure and inner listening. It has also led me to a deeper understanding of myself as a woman and human being connected to the cycles of nature and all living things. The beauty and insight I continually experience inspires me to create art to empower, educate, and illuminate through photography, documentary and narrative film, as well as digital art, painting, weaving, and many other mediums.

It has also led me to invesitigate feminine cycles, wisdom and rites of passage. I facilitate workshops and gatherings to reconnect to our own inner wisdom and honoring of our cycles and connection to nature.

I love to create and express. I use different modalities to allow creation to express through me.

art & design

graphic design, digital art, painting, weaving, & crafting

I create custom graphics for print, web, and multimedia projects and art in many mediums.


music videos, short, documentary & commercial production

I write, shoot, direct, produce, and edit documentary, narrative, short and commercial projects.


maternity, portraits, nature, macro, landscape, & magical realismĀ 

I work with clients to create unique maternity photos to connect and empower them with beauty of motherhood and nature.

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